ISO22301 Lead Implementer Trainer


You this course if you;

  • You want to expand your knowledge and enhance your experience about Business Continuity
  • You are a consultant advising on ISO 22301 and requires formal training and recognition
  • You are an expert or a quality expert who wishes to add ISO 22301 to his/her skills

You will learn…

  • Through a highly interactive course, containing many practical examples, with the ability to learn through the practice contained in the course.
  • The importance of business continuity management system for the organization and its customers
  • ISO 22301 standard requirements (Explanation & Analysis), standards and concepts
  • Model documentation prepared by the Organization to meet the requirements of ISO 22301
  • Risk management planning and risk planning
  • Monitor and review the management system
  • Internal audit and management review
  • Planning and implementing corrective actions
  • Awareness and communication
  • Business impact analysis and risk management Business Continuity Strategies
  • Business continuity plans
  • Business continuity plans Testing & Exercising Continuous improvement of business continuity plans
  • Corrective Action Plans

Virtual Course Length

  • 7 days